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Kenna Tunis, Abel Rodriguez, Allison Gerlach, Melvin Craig III, Michael Edwards, Rich Gamble, Octavion Thomas, Ariella Gibson, Daisy Ruiz, Kiana DiStasi, Jerry Zollicoffer | Chicago Loop Alliance


The Chicago Loop is a lively and dynamic neighborhood that has something for everyone. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to the Loop for its iconic landmarks, excellent shopping and dining options. The Willis Tower and the Art Institute of Chicago are just a couple of the famous attractions that make the Loop a must-visit destination.

As the city’s central business district, the Loop serves as the pulse of Chicago. It is also a cultural hub that hosts numerous events and entertainment options for all ages, from world-class theaters to outdoor concerts to food festivals.

The Loop is home to beautiful parks, historic buildings and unique architecture that showcase the city's diversity. Elevate your Loop experience with the awe-inspiring vistas of the Chicago’s stunning skyline, a complimentary extra.

As a member-based business organization, the Chicago Loop Alliance (CLA) represents hundreds of businesses, civic and cultural institutions, and advocates for the central business district. Through various initiatives such as community engagement, beautification, safety, events, marketing and economic development, CLA works to keep the Loop vibrant and welcoming to all. Check out for lots of ideas for things to do in the Loop.

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