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Aaron Zacharias, Ambrosia Borowski | The Northman Beer & Cider Garden


The Northman Beer & Cider Garden is a unique European-style beer garden located on the Chicago Riverwalk that offers a wide range of ciders from local, national, and international producers along with a vast selection of other craft beverages.

The Northman Beer & Cider Garden offers over 30 ciders including Northman Cider Co’s own Rosé, Pub and Hopped Ciders. Northman Cider Co. uses only high-quality fruit to produce dry ciders that pair well with food whilst also refreshing on their own. A must visit summer hotspot, free live music plays daily at the Beer & Cider Garden with the stunning backdrop of the Chicago River and Skyline.

The Northman Beer & Cider Garden’s location on the Chicago Riverwalk allows them to bring Northman Cider along with many others to a local and international clientele. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and dedication to showcasing the beauty of cider, their expansive array of craft beverages, coupled with the ambiance of the Chicago Riverwalk has allowed the business to flourish, grow and become part of the permanent landscape of downtown Chicago.

With seating for over 700 people, the garden is also dog-friendly and even holds a bi-monthly “Yappy Hour” to raise funds for local pet shelters and charities.

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