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Cynthia Orobio, Phillipe Sobon | Polombia


Founded by two passionate foodies, Cynthia Orobio and Phillipe Sobon, Polombia is a vibrant and innovative Colombian-Polish fusion restaurant. Their love of food and each other has turned a dream into a reality, and Polombia offers a unique and modern take on traditional dishes from both cultures.

Located inside the Loop’s Urbanspace Food Hall, guests of Polombia can enjoy creative fusion dishes such as their emparogi, kiełbasa perro, and sal-CHI-papa, all made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Sobon, a self-taught chef, brings his extensive culinary experience to the table, having hosted hundreds of private events and appeared on numerous television programs both nationally and locally.

Orobio, a nutritionist and community leader, brings her passion for health and wellness to the restaurant, ensuring that every dish is as nutritious as it is delicious.

Together, Cynthia and Phillipe have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Polombia, where people can combine the flavors and cultures of Colombia and Poland into an innovative and unforgettable meal. Polombia has created a category of its own that is woven in the fabric of Chicago!

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