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Kevin Vaughan, Kristan Vaughan, Team | Vaughan Hospitality Group


Born in Ireland, Kevin Vaughan moved to Chicago at the age of 15 with his parents and siblings. His parents opened Vaughan’s Pub on the Northwest Side in 1987 and it was very much a typical family business where everybody was expected to help. Since then, Vaughan Hospitality Group, which has expanded to consist of three other Irish pubs—Vaughan's Pub Lakeview, Corcoran’s Grill & Pub in Old Town and Emerald Loop—as well as the Riverwalk’s Chicago Brewhouse.

Each location has its own charm and character, from the cozy and intimate Vaughan's Pub Lakeview to the spacious and lively Emerald Loop in the landmarked Jeweler’s Building in the Loop. But they all promise friendly Irish hospitality and a perfect pour of Guinness every time.

Kevin, who is the current chairman of the Illinois Restaurant Association, attributes his company’s success to hard work, treating employees fairly, putting customers first, being willing to adapt and change and, most importantly, the support and hard work of his wife Kristan who is a co-owner of the business . He believes that it is essential to be ethical and charitable by giving back as much as possible to the communities where they operate. He says the biggest reward in the industry comes from serving people in the fun environment of bars and restaurants and creating great jobs for people and watching them succeed.

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