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Jon Matuzak, Kelly Kniewel, Ronnie Frey | eATLAS


Ed Khan and Matt Soukal started eATLAS from a simple passion for sharing scavenger hunts with family and friends. The app has since evolved into a global platform for anyone who wants to share their knowledge and love of any place in the world.

The innovative eATLAS app offers on-demand adventures that cover all areas of interest, from art and architecture to food, music and sports. These adventures can be tailored to suit any venue or event, offering a permanent or seasonal attraction that engages guests and keeps them coming back for more.

Thanks to a team of Partners and Whoa!Guides who bring their knowledge and creativity to each Adventure, visitors are sure to have a unique and fresh experience every time. Hotels, venues and event planners needing to add more fun to increase engagement and enhance the guest experience are prospective partners, while flexible discounting and prize features built into the app help steer guest traffic.

The success of the eATLAS Adventures is due in part to the technology, which engages guests with maps, photos, videos, audio clips, cues, hints and even prizes. Visitors become not just passive observers but active participants in their Adventure, making their experience all the more memorable.

Adventures can be taken at the guest’s pace. They can be enjoyed immediately or paused and resumed at a later date, making them a flexible and convenient alternative to conventional tours.

The eATLAS team is not just about entertainment. They are also passionate about showcasing the best of Chicago to the world, helping their industry friends promote their brands and venues to visitors and locals alike.

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