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Bronzeville is a vibrant and historic neighborhood located on the South Side of Chicago. Dubbed the “Black Metropolis,” it is known for its rich contributions to African American culture and history and has been a hub for artists, musicians, and writers since the early 20th century. Bronzeville was designated a National Heritage Area in 2022.

Visitors to Bronzeville can explore a number of important landmarks, including the Chicago Defender Building, which was once home to one of the country’s most influential African American newspapers, and the South Side Community Art Center, which was established in 1940 and has served as an important cultural institution ever since.

In addition to its historic landmarks, Bronzeville is also home to a number of popular restaurants, cafes, and shops. Foodies can enjoy fine dining, wines, and live music (Bronzeville Winery, Two Fish Crab Sack, and Norman’s Bistro); ice cream and desserts (Shawn Michelle Ice Cream); freshly pressed juices (Carver 47 Cafe Wellness Market) and custom blended teas and wellness products (Haji Healing Salon). Shoppers can discover high fashion from the Sarah Kuenyefu Collection, and art lovers can head to the Raymond A. Thomas Studios in the Arts Lofts on 47th Street.

The Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC) has played an important role in promoting economic development and preserving the cultural heritage of Bronzeville. Through its various programs and initiatives, the QCDC has helped to attract new businesses, create affordable housing opportunities, and engage the local community.

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