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AceBounce is a vast and vibrant playground filled with delicious shared bites, feel-good party tunes and a wide selection of craft beers, wines and cocktails for any size! Since opening in 2012, AceBounce has become a premier destination for corporate events, social gatherings and nightlife entertainment.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, AceBounce boasts an expansive venue complete with 15 ping-pong tables, a full-service bar and a chef-driven kitchen. The dynamic venue can hold up to 550 people, with three themed rooms—one private (The Parlor) and two semi-private (The Garage and the Gallery)—for events. The entire space is equipped with state of the art presentation and A/V equipment.

AceBounce offers a variety of gaming experiences, such as ping pong, beer pong, shuffleboard and organized tournaments! Its team will always ensure that your visit is unforgettable, especially with the help of the Games Gurus, who are hand-picked entertainers, improv comedians and all-around hilarious folks who help to ensure everyone is laughing, engaged and enjoying their visit.

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