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Dana Hokin, Robert Garvey | Robert's Pizza and Dough Co.


Robert and Dana Garvey, the couple behind Robert's Pizza and Dough Co. in Streeterville, attribute their success to their approach to making pizza. Using classic baking techniques that have been refined through years of trial and error, the couple combines a wild-yeast sourdough starter and fermentation to create a crust that strikes a perfect balance between crunch and chewiness with an artisanal bread flavor.

Located along the Chicago River, the restaurant boasts a beautiful riverside outdoor patio, a great location and a team dedicated to creating a true neighborhood restaurant that welcomes both locals and visitors. The bar includes a large selection of craft cocktails, wine, and draft beers.

Robert's Pizza is recognized as one of the top 50 pizzas in the United States by 50 Top Italy, showcasing the Garveys' commitment to producing the highest quality pizzas possible. Additionally, giving back to the community is also essential to Robert and Dana. The restaurant donates pizzas to shelters and raises funds for charitable organizations through the sale of their pizzas.

Robert's Pizza's interior is inspired by a 1997 road trip from Chicago to Montana in a 1966 Ford Mustang, and the dining room features Dana's photo series "FreeRanger."

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