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Joe Chura | Go Brewing


Go Brewing is the first non-alcoholic brewery in Illinois. Go Brewing’s mission is to make the best low- and no-alcohol beer on the planet to help people reduce their alcohol consumption while still enjoying the flavorful experience of a full-strength beer.

Go Brewing is successful because it has built a community of people looking for moderation and a healthier lifestyle through multiple business channels, including brewery and taproom sales, online sales, distribution, Amazon and in-person events.

The Go Brewing beers are also low in calories but high in flavor, and people often mistake them for full-strength beer. The brewery just won a gold and silver medal for the Best of Craft Beer Awards for their Suspended in a Sunbeam Pilsner and Sunshine State Tropical IPA.

Go Brewing sells all of its beer online at and has a taproom in Naperville, IL, that features a tasting room, live music, health & wellness events and much more.

If you want to break the habit of perpetual drinking, non-alcoholic beer is a great way to supplement a bad habit with a positive one. Their motto is "Remember Tomorrow."

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