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Min B. Thapa, Dushyant Jagebu | Vajra


With many years of experience, VAJRA Indian Catering has developed a strong bond with its guests, who keep coming back for more. The VAJRA team focuses on delivering quality products and friendly service at a reasonable price, making the company really stand out from the competition.

Available for pickup or delivery, VAJRA’s à la carte menu includes expertly prepared takes on Indian cuisine, such as samosas, curries, vegetarian dishes and its signature biryanis. Guests can also purchase family meals, consisting of one small plate, four main courses and two breads, that can feed four or eight people.

VAJRA Indian Catering understands the importance of serving the guests’ needs from start to finish, ensuring that they receive the best possible service and products. The business’ success lies in its ability to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing food industry trends while being a part of a supportive community. VAJRA believes in building relationships and helping one another during challenging times.

An interesting fact about VAJRA Indian Catering is that the name was inspired by a cocktail the team created in 2012. This highlights an innovative and creative spirit, which is reflected in the cuisine.

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