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Manish Mallick, Rina Mallick, Boo Kim | ROOH


ROOH is a progressive Indian restaurant in the heart of the West Loop. The restaurant, which opened in 2019, has quickly become a popular destination for foodies seeking innovative, contemporary Indian cuisine.

Its menu is inspired by traditional Indian cuisine but with a modern gastronomic approach. ROOH’s signature courses include the tandoori octopus, a flavorful and perfectly cooked dish, and the paneer makhani, a vegetarian delight that expertly balances sweet and savory flavors.

In addition to the excellent cuisine, ROOH also offers an extensive selection of cocktails, wines and beers, and boasts a stylish and sophisticated ambiance, with modern decor and elegant lighting.

ROOH is part of Soiree Hospitality Group, which was founded by Rina and Manish Mallick. Soiree also owns the popular Indian gastropub Bar Goa, which is located in River North. Bar Goa brings the experience of Goa, a vacation destination for people the world over, to Chicago. Sitting on India’s southwest coast, it is home to incredible seafood dishes, which you’ll find at Bar Goa. As the “Ibiza of India,” Goa is also known for its nightlife, so Bar Goa is a pretty awesome place to dance to electronic music, enjoy a comedy show or a Bollywood brunch.

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