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Marisol Espinoza, Lizette Espinoza | Pan Artesanal


Tucked away in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood is a bakery that combines Mexican flavors with French pastry techniques. Meet Marisol Espinoza, a graduate of the French Pastry School, and her sister Lizette, a business administrator and professional accountant. Together, they own Pan Artesanal Bakery.

The bakery offers top quality French pastries with a Mexican twist using imported ingredients and recipes from the early 1900s. Customers can indulge in delectable desserts made with pink guava imported from Mexico, homemade cajeta, chocolate Moctezuma and other Mexican flavors.Pan Artesanal also sells breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and all its offerings are available for delivery and pickup.

What makes this bakery a success is their love and passion for what they do. The sisters started from their home, taking orders over the phone, and eventually moved to a bigger space due to the overwhelming demand. Now, the only ones working at the bakery are family members, which makes Pan Artesanal Bakery even more special.

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