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Tim O'Malley | Ateema Media & Marketing


Ateema Media & Marketing has been providing visitors and locals with content about things to do in the great city of Chicago for 22 years. From dining insights to attractions, and hotels to nightlife, Ateema promotes our world-class city to anyone looking for things to do. Products include Concierge Preferred Magazine, Chicago’s only visitor publication; Chicago Does on TikTok and Instagram; Chicago Neighborhood Hotel Maps;; the Chicago Weekender newsletter and Ateema Digital, which uses programmatic and social media advertising to target specific audiences.

Ateema also helps hospitality businesses grow by connecting them with Chicago’s visitors and locals through its media offerings and events. The Hospitality & Tourism Summit and Planner Master Classes offer a way for businesses to sell their group and private event offerings to meetings and event planners. Atemma’s Chicago Hotel Meetup brings together hotel professionals with businesses that serve their guests.

Faces of Chicago Hospitality is the company’s newest offering. It was created to recognize the leaders behind Chicago’s world-class hospitality industry. “Chicago’s hospitality leaders have had a rough road due to the pandemic and it’s about time we celebrate the hard work and determination it took them to get through COVID.”

Ateema's innovative approach, combined with an experienced team providing unique services, has made them a true leader in Chicago's hospitality industry.

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