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Jeff Lawler | Geja's Cafe


Geja's Cafe opened in 1965 and has been serving Chicago's Lincoln Park community since 1971. As the city's first wine bar, Geja's has been offering fine wines and cheeses from around the world, paired with live classical and flamenco guitar music, creating an atmosphere unlike any other in the city.

The restaurant's premier fondue dinner menu, created by its founder in 1971, has cemented Geja's reputation as the most romantic restaurant in Chicago. The Old World atmosphere, combined with the interactive and communal nature of fondue dining, makes for a memorable dining experience that brings people together. This, along with the exceptional service provided by a caring staff, sets Geja's apart and has helped make it the premier fondue restaurant in the country.

Geja's Cafe has a long history of offering romantic dining and is committed to providing a high-quality dining experience. As the restaurant prepares to celebrate its 58th anniversary in June 2023, there is no doubt that it will continue to be a favorite dining destination for many years to come.

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